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Saturday, January 27, 2007

V For Vonnegut

Ok, before I go any further, drop everything you're doing and watch the video that's below this post. It's incredible, and made my day at least five or six times better. In fact, Im hesitant to even write this post because the video should permanently be the featured piece. It's so ridiculous. Double in fact, I think we should all the make the effort to include THE WICKER MAN video as our screensaver/wallpapers/baby diapers for the toddlers out there that are Nic Cage fans. Then again, who doesnt like Nic Cage, oh yeah that's right, me. Hahaha Adaptation was a winner, we can all agree on that. Very similar quality to that of the CONAIR, very similar themes.

All right but heres another Vonnegut for you. I have been getting away from this lately, none to my liking, because honestly, you can pick up a Kurt Vonnegut book, any Kurt Vonnegut book, and find six or seven seriously life-changing rhetorical shots. That's what his writing style maintains: sharp, quick hitting prose, and like an uppercut from Hillary Swank, they will knock you on your ass. Pussy.

He's the best and this quote has been cycling through my mind today, it sums up my feelings about TV. Arrested Development, BBC OFFICE, Chappelle Show, and Ali G, of course, are all excluded from this judgmental statement:

This is from Hocus Pocus, one of his definitely better works.

"There was a Japanese set in front of us. There were Japanese TV sets all over the prison. They were like portholes on an ocean liner. The passengers were in a state of suspended animation until the big ship got where it was going. But anytime they wanted, the passengers could look through a porthole and see the real world out there.

Life was like an ocean liner to a lot of people who werent in prison, too, of course. And their TV sets were portholes through which they could look while doing nothing, to see all the World was doing with no help from them.

Look at it go!"


Now lets go save some starving kids. Ok watch The Wicker Man video then go save some starving kids. Peace peace peace.


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