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Thursday, September 07, 2006

The News According to Jim....

We here at Tribute to the Best Blog in the World feel very honored and privileged to unveil the first of a many part installment of The News According to Jim Belushi. Through intense arbitration discussions we managed to negotiate a weekly blog space for Mr. Belushi at the low cost of $24 and a box of Aunt Jemima mix, each week. Mr. Belushi will use this blog space to discuss his feelings on national affairs as well as international politics. Thanks to Mr. Belushi and his agent, Dan Akroyd for your time and patience. We hope you appreciate his messages as much as we do. Enjoy!

Hey-ya all, it's me, Jim Belushi.

No, no, I'm not that the guy who used to be married to Roseanne, that's Tom Arnold. Lucky sport. What I wouldn't do to be the stuffing to her Thanksgiving turkey. GO BEARS!

So anyways, sometime last month or maybe it was today, I'm not too sure, I was watching the game, Cubbies!!! Next year we're gonna do it, we'll do it right, ALLL THE WAY!!!!! I was watching the game and then I saw some headline about that pretty little girl, JonBenet Ramsey case and I wanted to talk about some things things that were on my mind.

Honey! I need another cold one! Miller-Lite? Bottles? No, no, do we have it in cans? The light blue ones, yeah those ones, Miller-Lite. Yeah can you put one in the Blackhawks koozy for me? Thanks babes.

Sorry, yeah JonBenet Ramsey, wow that's sad man. Seeing this case everywhere reminds me of 2003, when the Chicago Cubs were up 3-0 in the NLCS to the Florida Marlins, and then in a miraculous and disappointing turn-around lost the series 4-3 in a deciding Game 7 AT Wrigley Field! We had the home field advantage man, with Wood on the mound. How do you blow that? I dont care about this Steve Bartman business, we blew it at Wrigley man.

Shit. (Burbs). Honey you find it ok? You need help? Oh ok great, the Blackhawks koozy, it doesnt matter, just bring one out here and some Fritos if we have any?...No, ok pretzels are fine.

But I hope they find this girl's killer, it's only right. We can't live in a world where people can get off...HONEY CAN I JUST HAVE A FUCKING BEER PLEASE?! I dont care if it's not open! Just bring it here!

We can't live in a place where people can do as they please. Anarchy man. It ain't right. Just like it isn't right for any professional Chicago sports team with a "C" tattooed to their uniform, to blow a three game lead in a pennant series at Wrigley Field.

Oh, the hell with it, I need a drink. HONEY!!!!!! Where's my cocksucking beer!?... See you next week.


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