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Monday, August 28, 2006

In the News...

CNN? Fox News? MSNBC? Heineken? Fuck that shit! We here at Tribute To The Best Blog In The World will provide UP-TO-DATE breaking news as well as hard-hitting undercover pieces that you wont see on pussy stations like C-SPAN or The Discovery Channel. How's your Wild Citrus Mint Breakfast tea you pretentious vaginas? No, we're the hard-hitting Pabst Blue Ribbon brand of news, rough, stale and incredibly cheap. Chug at your discretion.

-When Asked, Fetus OK With Abortion

-Area Dentist To Give Patients A Taste Of New Ice Cream Fillings

-College Students To Pre-Game Before Returning To School

-President Bush Wishes He Had More Alone Time With American Public

-IRS Busts Lemonade Stand For Tax Abatement


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