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Thursday, December 07, 2006


Rip Winkler (Host): Welcome back to “Prose Before Ho’s!” Before our break Mr. Walken confused Shakespeare’s “MacBeth” for Joseph Stein’s “Fiddler on the Roof,” sending Cindy Olsen to the peanut gallery. Let’s meet our second ho, Jackie Morgan, a junior at the University of Iowa. Jackie tell us a little bit about yourself.

Jackie Morgan: Hi Rip! Like I’m so excited to be here. I want to say holla to all my girlies back in Iowa City. They are like Tivo’ing this cause “Grey’s Anatomy” is on. I enjoy shopping, spray tanning, and drinking with my besties.

Rip Winkler (Host): Thanks Jackie. Can you please ask Mr. Walken his second question?

Jackie Morgan: Mr. Walken, Please give any example of the use of prose in everyday speech?

Mr. Walken: Can you repeat the question?

Rip Winkler (Host): That is correct! Prose is the ordinary language people use in speaking or writing. You could’ve said anything. Consider this one on me Walkstar! Jackie will be going home with you tonight - Jackie please take this cranberry and vodka and join Mr. Walken.

Mr. Walken: Thanks a lot. This is really great. This is the first time I’m bringing a younger woman home without the use of a roofie colada.

Rip Winkler (Host): Jackie is a special lady indeed. You are lucky to have her tonight. Unfortunately you are not the first to have her today... if you know what I mean...she loves to be on camera. YIKES! *winks*

*Rip points to himself and uses his hands to gestures his right pointer finger entering a hole he made with his left hand. He then pans the audience as if he's holding a video camera*

I’m getting the signal for another commercial break; we'll be back in a few for more Pros....

Audience: "PROSE BEFORE HO'S" (in unison) *clapping*


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