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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

The other day I decided to drive to Milwaukee. I took the scenic route from Chicago along Lake Michigan, the "Lake Tour." I passed through some small towns. The weird thing about small towns is that some of them designate a day before Halloween for "Trick or Treating." After passing through three of these towns I decided that we should drop the whole October 31st deal. Kids should only be allowed to go and beg complete strangers for food on the last Saturday of October. The last time I begged a complete stranger for food was my roommate, he wasn't cool with it at all. I was a poor college kid who spent all his money on Busch Light and sunflower seeds. He liked to hoard large quantities of Organic Lemon cookies. It wasn't cool if I Keebler Elved the shit out of his stash. Would it have been okay if I yelled "Trick or Treat" every time I took one?

Passing through the towns I saw some pretty sweet costumes. My favorite was a 14 year old Trick or Treating by himself wearing only a pair of shades and a cape as If to say "I'm here, let's do this!" He skipped the whole costume shopping at Target, where he could pick up a Superman costume for $25.99. Maybe he knew that that the next time he'd wear it would be freshman year of college. 10 of his drunk frat brothers would convince him that a youth large Superman costume/Lamp Shade combination would remedy all of his problems with the ladies.

Well...I'm off to hit the streets as a 22-year old Superman. Hopefully my neighbor still wraps nickels in aluminum foil. I've got 32 costumes and a zero balance bank account.


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